Dr Gabriel Cubillos

Doctor and Surgeon

Dr. Gabriel Cubillos

Scientific Director of the Obesity and Aging Clinic. For more than 25 years, Dr. Gabriel Cubillos has been dedicated to the research and development of treatments that help humanity fight obesity and overweight.

Dr. Cubillos is a Doctor and Surgeon, graduated from the Industrial University of Santander, founder and scientific director of the obesity and aging clinic; recognized in Latin America for being the creator of innovative surgical procedures with the use of laser technology, participation in congresses, seminars, and preparation of surgeons for the use of surgical laser.


Dr. Cubillos, has been the first Colombian Doctor and Surgeon invited by international channels to show his creation of LASER MEGA LIPOLYSIS, with this technology he has benefited more than 22,000 patients in different clinics throughout his career, which not only have improved his body figure; They have also recovered their health and improved their physical condition and quality of life.


Entrepreneurs, models, women of great recognition; even businessmen have entrusted his health to the Obesity and Aging Clinic and to Dr. Gabriel Cubillos, who with his medical science has changed their lives, ending their obesity and overweight problems. A great contribution to a society that is increasingly exposed to this public health problem.



Much of his medical career has been dedicated to research and the discovery of effective treatments that can help humanity fight obesity and overweight; diseases that are currently affecting the quality of life of a significant part of the world’s population.


Alongside his team of engineers, Dr. Cubillos created a new technology, LIPOLASER LPL 9002 designed to be applied in Laser Mega Lipolysis functional surgery, used especially to dilute large amounts of body fat, helping patients with serious obesity problems and overweight.

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