Laser Mega Lipolysis

This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to dilute large amounts of body fat.

The Laser Mega Lipolysis is an advanced procedure that replaced the practice of traditional surgeries for body definition; helping in an important way to lose weight in a short time.


The first day of the Rest of your Life

Daniela Valero

"...I improved my relationship with myself, my self-esteem and my image, now the mirror does not determine me ... "

Doctor and Surgeon

Dr. Gabriel Cubillos

Scientific Director of the Obesity and Aging Clinic. For more than 25 years, Dr. Gabriel Cubillos has been dedicated to the research and development of treatments that help humanity fight obesity and overweight


Obesity and Aging Clinic

Certified Clinic leader in treatments and procedures that help humanity fight obesity and overweight.. Additionally, with extensive experience in solutions for premature skin aging. Pioneers in the application of laser technology for surgical procedures and Number One in Latin America with Laser Mega Lipolysis.

Health – Science – Innovation

Soft Cold Laser

Little Investment and Guaranteed Profitability

Dr. Cubillos Scientific Director of the Obesity and Aging Clinic, has created a specialized program for the training of Surgeons in their LIPOLASER LPL 9002 Technology.

Training Surgeons

Professional Team

Science and Technology

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